Cornets d'admission Yamaha FZ1 P 4+4 2015

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Double intake system Racing velocity stacks  developed on dynotune (Dynojet i250) and tracks,designed to use on circuits and driveways. Prohibited use on public roads


  • Kit long version for midrange and high Rpm increase power

  • Kit short version for High Rpm increase power

  • Increase power and torque at the mid and high rpm

  • Greater rapidity of the engine to increase the revs on the whole power range

  • Greater reactivity of the engine during the throttle openings

  •  Reduces the power decay of the engine toward the limiter

  • Amazing intake sound


Dynamometers results:



Test info (about long version):

Fz1 2008 with Arrow full exhaust system and Dynojet PowerCommander

Blu line = Stock kit with AFR tune

Red line = Venturisystem with AFR tune


Contents of a package:

  • 4 racing velocity stacks racing made by CNC machines Long Version
  • 4 racing velocity stacks racing made by CNC machines Short  Version
  • 2 support shafts of inox steel made with laser cutting machines
  • assembly instructions



The kit increases the air intake into the engine so may need to adjust the AFR (air-fuel ratio)

More Air =  AFR lean

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