What does it mean AFR ?

What is the AFR?

The AFR also called stoichiometric or "carburetion" is an acronym for Air Fuel Rati.Is the ratio between the intake air and the fuel injected in the aspiration of an engine. The ideal ratio varies slightly from one type of motion and the other known but is considered to 13,2:1 or EUR 13.2 parts of air to 1 of gas.

How you can change the AFR?


The AFR in an engine change when you replace racing components related to improved engine performance, for example, exhaust,  camshafts etc ... Also our intake system is a component that change the AFR. Venturisystem always advisable to adjust the AFR after fitting the kit to get the best performance throughout the rev range. It is recommended specifically to adjusting AFR whan the bike have full exhaust system with the standard fuel map.

AFR tune can be in a few of ways:

  • Changing directly on the original ecu unit (if is possible)
  • Changing the parameters on the racing Ecu unit
  • Using  additional modules to be connected to the original Ecu as the Dynojet PowerCommander or RapidBike.

The importance of a motorcycle with a correct AFR.




The GREEN LINE  indicates the trend of the power of a motorcycle with suction kit standard.The red line  shows the trend of the power of the same bike with Venturisystem intake system without changing the AFR.The blu line  indicates the trend of the power of the same bike ith Venturisystem intake system with AFR correct. As you can see in the second graph in fact the AFR reading the blue line remains constant at the value of 13.2 over the whole regime.